Kent is a heritage wood fire brand; known for providing reliable, high quality, and affordable wood fires for New Zealand households for 40 years. Over 400,000 homes have a Kent fire installed, no wonder the brand is synonymous with home heating for most New Zealanders.

The Kent heating brand began in the South Island in the early sixties, and rapidly made a name for itself as an innovative wood burner, due to its unique use of internal baffles to optimise the efficiency of the firebox.

The Kent brand was registered as a NZ trade mark in June 1979, and taken over by Shell NZ. Kent was used to develop the use of Oil Fired Central Heating in the home heating industry, as well as expanding the wood fire market. After the oil crises in the late seventies, and the resulting reduction in the use of oil in home heating, Kent focused on the wood burner market.

Then in the mid 80’s, with the second oil crisis, as part of a rationalization of their core business, Shell decided the Kent wood fire division was not compatible with their energy business and began looking for potential buyers of the company.

GLG NZ LTD was also looking at expanding the existing range of winter product, and was in a prime position to take on Kent, and further expand the potential of the range. In early 1990, Kent Heating 1990 Ltd became a part of GLG New Zealand Ltd and then the BBQ Factory in 2000. In November 2009, Hamilton-based Aber Holdings Ltd acquired the Kent brand.

Aber is committed to retaining Kent’s position as a leading heating brand, providing an innovative range of products designed for the unique requirements of New Zealand homes, Kiwi lifestyles and our environment.

Kent pioneered the double burning principle in domestic wood heaters, increasing heating efficiency and dramatically reducing heating costs. As the use of fires has become more widespread Aber has developed its range to meet growing consumer demand.

The basic design of the firebox has remained, but ongoing research and development have resulted in new models and designs that now lead the market in terms of both style and heat output.

Wholly manufactured in New Zealand you can be guaranteed the highest quality product. This is backed by a 10 year warranty on all fireboxes and a 12 month warranty on all other parts.

The quality of the product has also been recognized internationally and the Kent range today still graces homes in many countries including Portugal, Switzerland, England, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, Canada, the USA and Chile.


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